Like most website owners, we reserve the right to collect a small amount of non-indentifiable information from you, a website visitor. This includes things like your browser type, referring site, and the time of each visit.

Personal Information

Should you wish to perform certain tasks on this website, for example by logging in, this website may need to collect and store some identifiable information. This varies from task to task, however we’ll never collect any information that isn’t absolutely necessary, and we won’t take anything without asking you first. Should you wish to not have this information stored, you may still use the website but might have trouble completing those tasks.

We only ever disclose your personal information with associates or affiliates that (i) themselves require it in order to carry out a task on our behalf, and (ii) have agreed not to disclose it to others. These associates may reside outside of your home country. We will never sell, rent or otherwise pass on any information other than with the above guidelines, except in the event of a court order or similar government/legal request.

If you have supplied your email on this website, we may send you occasional updates to notify you of articles and features that could interest you. You  have the right to opt out (or unsubscribe) from all email correspondence, except for vital website operations (for example resetting a password).


A cookie is a string of information that this website stores on your computer and that your browser will reuse each time you visit our website. This website uses cookies that identify and track visitors, track and retain preferences, and allow users to log in. Should you wish to refuse these cookies, you can do this in your browser settings, and may still visit this website. The refusal of cookies may restrict your use of certain features however.

The list of cookies used on this website is as follows:

  • complianceCookie – Set by this website, this stores acceptance of the Cookie Banner. It is deleted from your computer after 28 days.
  • _ga – This is set by Google Analytics in order to track your use of this website. It is deleted from your computer after 2 years.
  • has_js - This helps the website understand your web browser's Javascript functionality. It is deleted when you close your browser.

Privacy Policy Changes

Occasionally we might update this policy, so please check back regularly to ensure that you understand any changes. By continuing to use this website you are agreeing to this, and any future versions of this policy.