Pedestrian and vehicle delimitation Casino square in Monte Carlo - Monaco

Monte carlo, Monaco


CAME Urbaco carried out the project for the safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area that contains Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Café de Paris Monte-Carlo and Casino de Monte-Carlo. 
The installation consisted of 68 elegant G6 EVO semi-automatic retractable bollards in stainless steel equipped with an interchangeable sleeve, and was completed by exclusive steel chains to increase the delimitation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


Cannes enhance security in city center and Croisette - Cannes

Cannes, France


CAME Urbaco solutions complete the security for the areas of Cannes, where citizens can move protected by ONE 30-40-50 EVO retractable bollards and G6 EVO fixed bollards.
Protection without affecting the landscape: this is the winning feature of CAME Urbaco bollards, together with the reliability of a tested resistance.
With the recent completion of the project in the new La Bocca area, CAME Urbaco protection is now extended over the majority of the at risk, pedestrian areas of Cannes.


Securing of the first section of the Promenade des Anglais - Nice

Nice, France



Securing of the first section of the Promenade des Anglais,  Gambetta section / Ponchette.

The Metropole of Nice Côte d'Azur decided to improve the safety of the Promenade des Anglais with a first phase of work between Gambetta and Ponchette. The ONE40EVO retractable anti-intrusion bollard have been installed at the entrance areas for services with an access control system. Fixed and removable bollards have been installed in particular at pedestrian crossings in order to secure them.

High Security bollard ONE40EVO certified according to the latest international standards IWA14-1: 2013 and PAS68: 2013, can resist to the impact of a 7,500kg truck launched at 64km / h (19 retractable bollards 32 removable bollards and 190 fixed bollard). The installation is complemented by 12 G6EVO access control bollards and 12 CITY6 managing controllers.


Securing the Rome-Termini and Rome-Tiburtina railway stations

Rome, Italy



Perimeter security around Rome-Termini and Rome-Tiburtina stations

Rome-Termini railway station (in Italian: stazione di Roma Termini) is the most important railway station in Rome. This terminus station is one of the thirteen main railway stations in Italy, transporting an average of 150 million passengers a year.

The Rome-Termini and Rome-Tiburtina stations wanted to set up a set of bollards at different access points in order to secure the pedestrian traffic but also to protect the accesses against the risks of ram-vehicle attack. The bollard have been specially designed to have a reduced sealing depth in order to be installed in areas with very low ground depth (for example on different levels of parking).

G6EVO safety bollard lined in 316L stainless steel can resist at the impact of a 2500 kg pickup truck launched at 48km / h. The installation consists of 79 fixed bollards with shallow depth reinforced sealing and 34 retractable bollards.


Panama Canal (Miraflores Lock)


Panama project


High-security access control for the protection of vehicle access gates at the extremely sensitive site of the Panama Canal (Miraflores Lock).

To ensure maximum site protection it was necessary to find a solution that would fully  secure the access gates located at critical points around  the lock. Given the particular national and international significance of the security challenge, the contracting party needed a 100% guarantee that whatever system was adopted would meet stringent international regulatory standards.

The solution entailed the installation of new ASTM-F2656-certified ONE50 high-security bollards, equivalent to the DOS and PAS68 types, for the secure and automatic protection of the access areas. The safety of ONE50 bollard has been proofed through crash test. In one, a vehicle weighing 6.8 tons was driven into a bollard at a speed of 80 kms an hour. While the bollard stopped the vehicle dead and the impact destroyed it, the bollard itself required no more repair than a new cover. The bollards are also equipped with a colour LED system for visibility at night.


EXPO 2015

Milan, Italy

EXPO Milano


In a technology partnership with Expo Milano 2015, CAME developed an innovative access control system that succeeded in managing the enormous pedestrian and vehicular flows through the parking areas and the exhibition halls themselves generated by the more than 21 million visitors to the international fair.

Expo Milano 2015 had been looking for a system that could reconcile the need for the high security that the event demanded with the need to maintain speed and fluidity in the management of  the entrance and exit of a huge crowd numbering 250,000 people a day. The system also had to be amenable to the centralized management and oversight of all operations across the more than 1.100.000 square meters of the exhibition site by the authorities in charge of security, which was done through an operations center.

CAME designed and developed an entire system that was custom built to satisfy all the demands of the client. It included features such as smart turnstiles to direct the flow of visitors and automatic barriers protecting the checkpoints for the control of vehicular traffic. The turnstiles, which were nominated for the prestigious Compasso d’Oro Award (for innovation), were specifically designed to enhance communication with visitors and reduce waiting times to a minimum. Particular attention was dedicated to the building of twenty special turnstiles for disabled access. The access control system comprised automated sliding gates, road barriers and bollards with removable covers to allow them to be customized to changing needs.

The perimeter entrances to the exhibition site consisted of: 230 XVIA turnstiles capable of scanning paper tickets and QR codes and of reading the signals from RFID and NFC devices; 22 AXO automatic sliding gates; 23 automatic GARD8 EZ road booms; and 40 G6 EVO bollards. The integrated access control system could be operated from 70 handheld devices.


Securing a border pass

Polowce, Poland



The installation is located at the Polowce border pass to control vehicle flow between Poland and Belarus.

Securing of the Polowce border pass to regulate and secure the flow of vehicles passing between the two countries. The Polowce border pass is composed of 4 road accesses on which are installed 5 High Security bollards for a total of 20 High Security bollards each measuring 1 meter above ground. Poland has the longest Schengen external border with nearly 1200 kilometers. Located on the Belarusian border, Siemianówka and Polowce, two strategically important crossing points, do not satisfy the Schengen requirements, particularly regarding control operations at the external border of the Schengen area.

4 access to 5 high security ONE30 retractable bollards, can resist to the impact of a 7,500kg truck launched at 48km / h. Bollards are equipped with a hydraulic unit with option of emergency fast operation in 1.5 seconds.