Fixed & Removable Posts


These removable post coupled with their Fixator® (an CAME Urbaco patent) are removable without any special or additional tool: a key is all they need. A locking system will deter non-authorized would-be users to open the access.A turn of the key is enough to unlock the bollard and remove it from its socket. The Fixator cover is  placed  instead,  clearing  the  way  for  free access.

Access control in 3 steps: unlock, turn, and lift:

  1. Unlock
  2. Turn
  3. Lift

This is a simple and effective solution to restrict access to any area with a small budget.The Fixator® is embedded in concrete at finished grade level. Impact resistance depends therefore on the quality of concrete in which the Fixator® is anchored to the ground.

The fixed post is equipped with a sleeve or a tube extension allowing sealing in the ground.






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