High Security

Manage, control, secure and protect sensitive sites

High Security Solutions have been designed to secure sensitive areas with a need to protect buildings or persons. The range consists of retractable, removable and fixed bollards allowing to meet technical requirements of  most of the configurations.

As a result of our constant innovation efforts, the ONEevo, High Security
bollards, designed and manufactured by Came Urbaco, now all comply
with the latest international standards IWA14-1 :2013, PAS68:2013,
DOS and ASTM. Certified crash-tests have demonstrated their ability to meet the 3 following security levels :

- Stop one 2,5T pick up travelling at 48 km/h

- K4 (stop one 7,5T truck travelling at 48 km/h)

- K8 (stop one 7,5T truck travelling at 64 km/h)

- K12 (stop two consecutive 7,5T trucks travelling at 80 km/h)

High Security Solutions are routinely installed to ensure the security of access points to Government Buildings, Ministries, Embassies,
Consulates, Nuclear Power Stations, Barracks, Military Bases, Prisons, Airports and Banks… the Panama Canal, several border posts in Poland or the Police Prefecture of Paris are among the places equipped with such bollards.


Choose the best solution to protect your business

To protect sensitive sites and access points
A bollard can withstand the impact of a truck
To protect access points and sensitive sites