ONE50 Evo: Removable

Removable ONE 50 EVO

A single high-security ONE50EVO removable bollard can withstand the impact of one truck travelling at 80 km/h. The ONE50EVO high-security removable bollard is designed to protect strategic access points and sensitive sites from terrorist attacks.
Its removable bollard head system enables to open the access point occasionally.
The removable system is an excellent solution to complete the closing of an access already equipped with one or several automatic bollards. (the access can be fully open, occasionally)

Logo IWA-14 80Logo-PAS-68 80

Equivalent to: IWA 14-1:2013 Bollard V/7200[n 3C]/80/90:5,9

Equivalent to: PAS68:2013 Bollard V/7500[n 3]/80/90:5,6/27,2





Occasional passages


Acciaio ad alta resistenza 

Display device:

Class II reflective band (white)

Illuminated ring:

Leds (Red in Standard, White in Option)

Dimension (mm):

Ø325 x H1000 (In superficie)


In compliance with the French PMR decree



Equivalent to: IWA 14-1:2013 Bollard V/7200[N3C]/80/90*;

Impact energy: 1 778 kJ

Equivalent to: PAS68:2013 Bollard V/7500[N3]/80/90*;

Impact energy: 1 852 kJ