About CAME Urbaco



As a worldwide historical and key player, Urbaco designs, manucfature, maintains and sells technological solutions to divide and delimit urban, residential or non-residential areas, but also to protect sensitive sites where securing buildings and people is critical. We provide to our customers, products, project support, commissioning, as well as training and maintenance.

SAFE AND SMART CITY solutions: Came Urbaco's  vision is to provide a safe and comfortable urban environment for people on a daily basis. Walking, working, visiting, running, cycling, in total serenity is a priority. More than ever, the safety of sensitive industries and sites has become a major national and international issue. Came Urbaco offers urban solutions for access control and security in accordance with the needs of cities. It’s in this spirit that the brand has developed a wide range of products for the access control and the security of sensitive sites and infrastructures, by developing a range of High Security bollards with standing ramvehicules attacks. CAME URBACO

Innovation : 1st Manufacturer of high security bollards certified according to the latest international standards As a result of our constant innovation efforts, the ONEevo, High Security bollards, designed and manufactured by Came Urbaco, now all comply with the latest international standards IWA14-1 :2013, PAS68:2013, ASTM F-2656-07.

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