Quality in every detail...

Quality control is ensured through strict inspection standards and evaluation of
the product during the entire manufacturing process. CAME Urbaco, between its engineering department and CameGroup, designs and creates most of its products. Quality begins in our foundry and continues all the way through the production process guaranteeing a high level of reliability.
The Urbaco management system is ISO 9001-certified. With this process of ongoing improvement, Urbaco is committed to:

  • proposing customised solutions for access control according to your needs and expectations,
  • improving the quality of its products and services,
  • putting the satisfaction of its customers first.




Quality recognized by the most rigorous international standards in terms of impact resistance!

As a result of our constant innovation efforts, the ONEevo, High Security bollards, designed and manufactured by Came Urbaco, now all comply with the latest international standards IWA14-1 :2013, PAS68:2013, DOS and ASTM.

...and patented


Urbaco’s retractable bollards are made of parts cast solidly in one piece: no mechanical welding, no parts assembled together with bolts or screws, no wearing parts with limited life span.

The Urbaco structural parts ensure :

  • no maintenance costs
  • an uncommon resistance
  • a guaranteed parallelism of the sliding rails

The mechanical properties of the cast metals used to manufacture our bollards validate their extreme sturdiness.

Their impact resistance was tested from 2,500 to 15,000 joules (certificates available upon request). Three bollards have shown an impact resistance of
up to 675,000 joules (7 tons at 50 km/h / 31 mph).

URBACO is the only manufacturer of bollards in the world that guarantees the head and box of the G6 range, made from monobloc® cast iron, for 10 years, even after the impact of a 2.5 tonne vehicle at 55 km/h*